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Stand out to consumers all over the country, individuals and families specifically searching for Black insurance agencies. As an agency, your Enterprise level subscription allows you to amplify your presence on InsureBlack. Check out our advertising options below:

Paid Editorials

Your agency has a lot to offer and more importantly, it has a unique story. Allow InsureBlack to tell your story and inform our audience about you. Editorials tell the story of how your agency was founded, why it was founded, the challenges you’ve overcome and how you are serving clients today. Editorials give consumers an intimate glimpse into your firm and allow them to get to know you in a very personal way. Paid editorials are featured on our homepage for at least 30 days and go out once in our newsletter. Click here to contact us today to get your editorial started.

Agency Contributed Content

There is a wealth of information available today but no one knows exactly what your firm does. Your insights, perspectives and even product recommendations are important marketing tools and they should be heard. InsureBlack allows Enterprise members to submit written and/or video content to be featured on our homepage, where it will live for at least 30 days. In addition, submitted content will be sent out in our newsletter once. No one can speak to consumers quite like you and InsureBlack gives your agency the opportunity to speak directly to the world. Click here to contact us today about contributing content to our site.

Social Media Features

Wanna go viral? InsureBlack’s social media platforms are open for business. Perhaps you have the perfect video you’d like to move in the digital world or there’s a simple message that you would like to move online. InsureBlack allows guest features on our social media. Reach our audience quickly with an Instagram or Facebook post. In addition, you can submit content to be featured on InsureBlack’s YouTube channel. Click here to contact us today about social media features.

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