Yes, There’s A Nationwide Black Insurance Organization

Close your eyes and imagine an insurance professional. Did you imagine a white male? If so, you’re just like most Americans. African Americans, however, have a deep and rich history in the insurance industry and thanks to the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA), Black insurance professionals also have a home. NAAIA is dedicated to empowering African American insurance professionals and celebrating their accomplishments. Through NAAIA, Black insurance professionals can go much farther and faster, together.

NAAIA works with agents for personal growth and professional development. The organization provides opportunities for networking, continuing education, and for building mutually beneficial connections and partnerships. Along with their partners, NAAIA sponsors and hosts talent competitions for college students as well as provides numerous scholarships annually to deserving students.NAAIA works on the local, regional and national levels. The association has strong relationships with traditional insurance industry trade associations and other organizations focused on the interests of people of color and on diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry. 

NAAIA was founded by Jerald L.Tillman, in 1997 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Early in his career he realized through his involvement with professional organizations, that there was a disconnect, amongst fellow Black insurance professionals within the insurance industry. As a result, he began pondering the idea of establishing an association for Black professionals involved in all areas of insurance.  After twenty years of juggling between building his insurance agency and a national network of Black insurance professionals, NAAIA was chartered in Cincinnati, Ohio March 5, 1997. Today the organization has 17 chapters across the country and one currently under development. NAAIA started as a single thought but today the organization is helping Black professionals across the country achieve more. 

No one succeeds alone. Black professionals need each other for support, training and resources, and also to discover new opportunities. NAAIA is uniquely positioned to help Black insurance professionals and the organization is on the move. Black insurance professionals are joining the organization daily and as they do, NAAIA’s influence in the industry is growing. Now is the time to join NAAIA, click here to start your journey. 

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