Buy Black, Bank Black but why not InsureBlack? The need for excellent financial services and products is evident, as is the necessity to recycle dollars within our community. InsureBlack is a 100% Black owned company determined to empower Black communities, through building Black insurers. Simply put, we saw a need in our community and based on  our history, we created a powerful pathway to service that need.

Black insurance agencies have always been the economic engine of Black communities. Supporting a Black restaurant is helpful but historically, the capital for community development in Black neighborhoods came from Black insurance agencies. InsureBlack is rebuilding wealth in communities all over America, by strengthening Black insurers.


Wealth and Protection is what you and your family deserve and that’s why Insure Black exists. The power of insurance has helped families for generations build wealth and protect their assets.

For generations Black insurance agencies have done so much for our community and today is no different. InsureBlack is helping consumers connect with Black insurance agencies and agents from across the country, who have been extensively vetted to ensure expertise and integrity. Black agencies know their communities best and have one ambition: to serve you.

Whether you’re seeking to build wealth or protect the assets you’ve built over time, our agents will not only serve your immediate need but will also take the time to advise you on what’s next. Black insurance agencies have been the economic engine of our community for generations and now with Insure Black, we’ll do it again. 

Take the time to connect with a Black insurance agency today

Protect your home, life, business and everything that matters.